About Book Ears

lambBookearsBook-Ears.com presents a wonderful range of uniquely designed ‘book-ears’ that prevent you having to fold over the corner of a book and offers far more benefits than a traditional bookmark. We are passionate about our products and designed them to enhance the experience of book reading. From cookbooks, to student textbooks to nursery rhymes, the ability to find your most important references again and again is enhanced. You can take notes, ensure the book-ear doesn’t become misplaced due to its unique magnetisation, and they can be used on both sides.

With top quality service and our personal touch as a priority you can rest assured that our Book Ears bookmarks are ideal for kids, students and cooks alike. Our high quality Book-Ears bookmarks are ideal retail items and great gifts for active readers and hobbyists. A range of bookmarks for kids, stylish bookmarks for students, cooks and much more. Each bookmark is made from premium art board to ensure durability and extended length of use.